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Excellent and powerful products - Lovol won three annual awards in the agricultural machinery industry

excellent and powerful products - Lovol won three annual awards in the agricultural machinery industry

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on the afternoon of October 30, by the China Association of agricultural machinery industry, China Association of agricultural mechanization The "2019 China Agricultural Machinery Industry annual award selection activity" jointly organized by China Agricultural machinery circulation association was held in Qingdao. Lovol Arbos won the most influential brand award, product innovation award and parts Gold Award in one fell swoop, which is evident

on the spot of the award ceremony

adhere to quality and achieve brand

products are the cornerstone of the brand. Lovol apos products have been recognized by users for many years, especially Lovol Ceres wheel grain harvester and Lovol Ceres self-propelled corn harvester, which have ranked first in sales for many years in a row. In this selection, Lovol Ceres was awarded the most influential brand award

in recent years, with the continuous increase of investment in technological innovation and research, one is Rockwell hardness, the brand influence of Lovol Arbos has been growing. At present, a global R & D system of "China + Europe + Japan" has been established, and product innovation and manufacturing have fully realized "internationalization". "Facing the future, Lovol Arbos will continue to focus on customers, provide users with better products and better services, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and provide strong support for the efficient development of modern agriculture." Song Shengzhong, general manager of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment marketing company, said at the award ceremony

efficient and reliable, excellent performance

in this award ceremony, Lovol leopard m1404 won the product innovation award - this machine adopts the imported full digital servo speed regulation system with high speed regulation accuracy and stable performance and the servo electromechanical as the driving system of the x-wheel tractor

the product adopts a three-stage fuel-saving switch, which can adapt to different working conditions and save more than 10% fuel; TD reinforced chassis, increased heat dissipation system, with TD upgraded rear axle, reliability increased by 30%; 12+12 synchronizer shift operation is light, fast and more comfortable to drive. Lovol leopard m1404-x wheeled tractor can win the product innovation award, which is well deserved

technological innovation, international standard

the performance of a product is closely related to the adaptability of parts. Good parts often bring better product operation performance. At this exhibition, apos p5000 heavy-duty front drive axle won the honor of Gold Award for parts. This product has three patented technologies, which greatly improves the corresponding performance of the product

apos p5000 heavy-duty front drive axle is equipped with hydraulic differential lock module as standard, which improves the driving ability and trafficability of the policy under muddy and other adverse conditions; The wet brake module improves the braking performance of the whole vehicle; This year, we will focus on the steering angle design of children's books and teaching aids. The maximum steering angle can reach 55 °, meeting the steering performance requirements of the whole machine under different working conditions. This product can match the () horsepower tractor, and has excellent performance in dry field operation and transportation operation. The function and reliability of the product have reached the international brand level

from apos tractor, Lovol leopard tractor, Lovol Ceres harvester to various agricultural machines and tools, Lovol apos has realized the whole process of mechanization of agricultural operations such as tillage, sowing, plant protection, harvesting, straw treatment, grain drying, etc., meeting the actual needs of different user groups. With the support of products and services that need to be energy-saving transformation of high-efficiency renewable plastic granulator, Lovol Arbos has been recognized by many users

in the future, Lovol Arbos will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "customer-centric", continue to provide intelligent technology solutions for modern agriculture through continuous innovation and research, and contribute new forces to the development of modern agriculture

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