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Product packaging quality assurance system (III)

4.2.5 design documents

design documents include:

A. packaging design requirements

b. investigation report

c. design report

d. design drawings (including packaging containers and necessary assembly drawings of parts and components and product packaging assembly drawings)

e. test report

f. test run report

g. trial sale inspection information feedback report

h. packaging process documents

i. cost and economic benefit analysis report, etc

5 purchase, acceptance and storage of packaging materials and containers

5.1 basic requirements

packaging materials and containers are an integral part of packaging, which directly affects the quality of product packaging. Purchase plans and controls should be made for purchased packaging and containers

5.2 procurement

5.2.1 the technical department of the enterprise shall, together with the quality inspection department, the procurement and supply department and the packaging workshop, formulate the supply requirements and acceptance procedures of packaging materials and containers according to the product packaging requirements and supply possibilities

5.2.2 the purchasing and supply department shall purchase according to the product production plan and the quality standard of packaging materials and containers, and the tensile test cannot be repeated, so as to strive to achieve fixed-point supply

when the supplier changes, it should be verified to confirm that it has the supply capacity to fully meet the quality requirements of packaging containers in gb/t 12121 and the requirements of the purchase order

5.2.3 the purchase documents shall clearly state the ordering requirements and the terms of agreement between the supplier and the demander

5.2.4 the purchasing personnel shall establish a close working relationship and feedback system with the supplier, so as to continuously improve the quality and avoid the damage of extended schemes due to human overload, and quickly solve the quality dispute between both parties

5.3 acceptance and storage

5.3.1 basic requirements

enterprises should specify the management methods for incoming inspection, warehousing acceptance and storage

5.3.2 incoming inspection

quality inspectors shall inspect according to the quality standards or the requirements of the contract, and fill in the inspection report. When the inspection items cannot be completed in the factory, relevant institutions can be entrusted for inspection

5.3.3 warehousing inspection

the warehouse personnel shall check and accept the warehousing with the inspection report and purchase warehousing order, and make warehousing records

5.3.4 storage

the storage place and storage conditions shall meet the requirements of the stored packaging containers and materials

packaging materials and containers should be stacked separately according to varieties and specifications in the warehouse. Unqualified products should be stored separately and marked as unqualified

6 product packaging

6.1 basic requirements

6.1.1 requirements for the contents, including:

a. there is a product inspection certificate or certificate issued by the inspection organization and inspectors. For the products that the ordering party comes to the factory for acceptance, it is also necessary for the ordering party to sign the certificate or certificate

b. complete sets of supporting products, spare parts and technical documents

6.1.2 requirements for packaging materials and containers, including:

a. the performance indicators of packaging materials and containers should meet the requirements of standards or contracts

b. packaging materials and containers should be clean, dry, free of attached harmful substances, in line with the physical and chemical characteristics of the contents, and ensure that there is no adverse effect on the contents

c. the packaging materials and containers used for food and drugs should comply with the provisions of food, medicine and health

d. the packaging containers used for children's products should ensure the safety of children and comply with relevant regulations

e. transportation packaging, especially the packaging of dangerous goods, should ensure the safety of loading, unloading, storage and transportation, and prevent environmental pollution

f. the specified size of the sales packaging container should match the internal size of the transportation packaging container

the maximum size of the transportation packaging container of large goods should comply with the provisions of the loading limit of the transportation department by 2017. If it must be exceeded, it should be approved by the transportation department

6.1.3 requirements for packaging environment, including:

a. the packaging plant should meet the product characteristics and labor protection requirements, the layout in the plant should be suitable for the packaging process requirements, and the layout of the process flow should be scientific and reasonable

b. products with special requirements for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc. shall be handled according to relevant regulations

6.2 packaging process

6.2.1 basic requirements

the post operation procedures, post system, work standards and their assessment methods of the packaging team should be strictly implemented, as well as the inspection and maintenance methods of wires and cables of the packaging machinery using the tensile testing machine, so as to ensure that the packaging quality meets the specified requirements

6.2.2 packaging before packaging, the packaging materials and containers to be used should be inspected to check whether there is a certificate of conformity or a mark of conformity, or conduct a visual inspection. They can be used only after they meet the requirements

products that need to be pretreated before packaging, such as products that are prone to moisture, rust and mold, should be pretreated according to relevant regulations

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