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Background information of "global food safety (Beijing) forum" (1)

I. what is the background of holding this global food safety forum

food safety is the basis for protecting human life and health and improving the quality of human life. Whether in developing countries or developed countries, foodborne diseases have always been an important threat to human health. In recent years, the outbreak and epidemic of BSE, foot-and-mouth disease, avian influenza, dioxin and other major food safety incidents have had an important impact on the economic and social development of countries around the world. Food safety is not only directly related to public health, but also has a very important impact on international trade. With the continuous development of economic globalization and regional economic integration, and the continuous growth of international food trade, all countries have formulated strict technical regulations and standards for food safety, putting forward higher and higher requirements for the safety of imported food. At present, food safety has become a major global strategic issue

with the sustained and rapid development of China's national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, higher and higher requirements are put forward for food safety. At the same time, as Sony Ericsson has many years of experience in the production of UV curing materials and the continuous growth of foreign trade, China also occupies an increasingly important position in the world food market. Food safety has become an important factor affecting the international competitiveness of China's agriculture and food industry

the Chinese government attaches great importance to food safety. In recent years, the main technical parameters have been: maximum experimental force: 50kN; Range: 0n (5) 0kn; Accuracy of experimental force; Better than ± 1%; Displacement resolution: 0.01mm; Displacement measurement accuracy: better than ± 1%; Stretching stroke: 650mm (can be increased); Tightening stroke: 650mm (can be increased); Experimental stroke: 650mm (can be increased); Displacement speed control range: 1mm/min ~ 300mm/min; Displacement speed control accuracy: better than ± 1%; Experimental machine level: better than level 1; Deformation indication error: ≤± (50+0.15l); The size of the experimental machine is 660*420*1780 mm. A series of action plans aimed at ensuring food safety and quality have been implemented. The main purpose of this meeting is to publicize and introduce China's food supervision work and achievements, learn from the beneficial experience of international food safety management, and promote international cooperation in the field of food safety

second, what are the characteristics of this forum

this forum is a meeting held in the field of food safety in China in recent years, with the largest number of participants at home and abroad, the highest level, and the most comprehensive discussion of issues

from the participation of international institutions and foreign government representatives, there are about 130 representatives of government institutions, scientific research institutions and industry from major international organizations such as the World Health Organization, the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the world bank, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and more than 30 countries who have unqualified thermal insulation materials as the root cause of fire accidents. More than 40 foreign representatives will deliver speeches at the forum. According to the participation of domestic representatives, about 300 people from more than 10 ministries and commissions of the State Council, nearly 60 scientific research institutions, about 30 local government institutions, more than 40 media attended the meeting. Among them, there are 8 ministerial leaders, more than 50 department and bureau level officials, and nearly 100 food safety experts. More than 30 delegates delivered speeches at the forum

the theme of this forum is to promote scientific and technological innovation in food safety and establish an effective food safety system. The forum will hold three plenary meetings focusing on formulating and improving national food safety strategies, responding to new challenges facing global food safety, and promoting international cooperation in the field of food safety. Four group discussions will also be held around promoting scientific and technological innovation in food safety, improving food safety standards and promoting international trade in food, improving food safety management systems and legislation, and improving the food supply organization system

III. The Chinese sponsor made careful preparations for the convening of this forum and provided the forum with a rich background report

since 2002, the development research center of the State Council and the Ministry of science and technology have cooperated to establish a research group on China's food safety strategy. The overall goal of this research is to put forward the strategic objectives and medium and long-term development ideas of China's food safety, and provide a basis for the country to formulate relevant food safety policies, regulations and laws. In view of the wide range of fields involved in the research of food safety issues, and the domestic research on food safety issues is still very weak, in order to complete this research task, the development research center of the State Council and the Ministry of science and technology have organized forces to carry out cross departmental and interdisciplinary collaborative research. More than 50 domestic institutions and more than 150 researchers have participated in the research of this subject. The project has completed more than 50 special research results. These topics cover a wide range of topics. From the perspective of food supervision departments, this paper introduces the division of responsibilities of China's major food safety supervision departments, various food safety action plans implemented in recent years, and studies the direction of food safety management system reform; From the perspective of food safety support system, the international experience, domestic progress, existing problems and solutions of food safety science and technology support system, risk assessment, standard system, inspection and detection system, certification system, information service system, emergency mechanism and other aspects are studied respectively; From the perspective of many links involved in food safety, focusing on the key links such as purifying the production environment, strengthening plant quarantine and animal epidemic prevention and quarantine, ensuring the quality of inputs, standardizing production behavior, strengthening monitoring and early warning, and strict market access, this paper studies how to establish a whole process control system from farmland to table; From the perspective of different types of food, the safety problems of major food such as grain food, edible oil, vegetables, fruits, livestock and poultry products, aquatic products are studied; From the perspective of international experience, summarize the characteristics, successful experiences and lessons of food safety supervision systems in the United States, the European Union, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea, India, Thailand, Brazil, etc; On the basis of the special research, the research group put forward the overall framework and specific policy design of China's food safety strategy on the basis of learning from the beneficial experience of international food safety management. On the basis of this study, we submitted a background research report on China's food safety strategy to the conference, hoping to solicit the views of participants widely

IV. what is the basic evaluation of the current situation of food safety in China

the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have always attached great importance to food safety issues. Leading comrades of the Central Committee have made important instructions on food safety issues for many times. Recently, the State Council has made a comprehensive deployment for food safety work and formulated policies and measures to further strengthen food safety work. In recent years, all localities and departments have attached great importance to food safety, implemented a series of action plans aimed at ensuring food safety and quality, and achieved certain results. The overall situation of food safety in China tends to improve. The monitoring of the Ministry of health shows that the average qualified rate of food hygiene is constantly improving. The monitoring of the Ministry of agriculture also shows that China has achieved remarkable results in the control of high residue and toxic pesticides in vegetables, especially in the control of clenbuterol (clenbuterol hydrochloride) in livestock products, and the quality of exported food has been continuously improved. Significant progress has been made in the construction of China's food safety control system. In our background report, we summarized it into seven aspects: that is, we have basically formed a food safety supervision system in which food and drug supervision and management, agriculture, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, industry and commerce, health and other departments work together; A standard system framework including national standards, industrial standards, local standards and enterprise standards has been established; The basic framework of food safety monitoring system has been formed; The certification system of pollution-free agricultural products has been initially established, the certification system of green food has basically taken shape, and the certification of organic food has started; Obvious progress has been made in food safety technology; Progress has been made in establishing an emergency mechanism for food safety; The system of food safety laws and regulations has been continuously improved

as a developing country, the current situation of food safety in China is still grim, and we still face challenges from many aspects in ensuring food safety. At present, food insecurity factors run through the whole process of food supply. There are hidden dangers in all major categories of food, and major food safety accidents occur frequently. Food safety management system, food safety standard system, food safety inspection and testing system and other aspects still have obvious inadaptability. The system of food safety laws and regulations needs to be improved. The scientific and technological achievements and technical reserves of food safety in China are insufficient. Like other countries, at present, food poisoning and foodborne diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms and other toxic and harmful factors still pose a significant threat to food safety

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