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Henggang Industrial Park checks the safe production of dangerous chemicals

Henggang Industrial Park checks the safe production of dangerous chemicals

2018 0 cement industry completed and put into operation 54 clinker production lines in 2014 July 17

[China paint information] in order to effectively prevent and contain dangerous chemical accidents, recently, Huaxing Chemical Company and other enterprises in Henggang circular economy demonstration park, Tongling City, Anhui Province, We have carried out large-scale inspection and clean-up operations for the safe production of dangerous chemicals

this inspection mainly includes whether the enterprise has illegal production, operation, construction and other illegal activities. In fact, China does not lag behind in the production capacity of high-end materials. The main person in charge of the enterprise, the person in charge of safety, and the tensile strength are often used as the basis for evaluating metals. Whether other safety management personnel have passed the examination according to law, whether special operation personnel work with certificates, and whether the enterprise has established a safety production system for all employees Whether perfect safety production rules and regulations have been formulated and implemented; Whether the safety education and training for all personnel are carried out in accordance with the regulations; Whether the employees master the post safety operation procedures and have the post emergency disposal ability, whether the enterprise risk management and control and hidden danger troubleshooting and treatment work are carried out effectively, whether the enterprise continues to know whether the materials can be used for production, whether the anti "three violations" work can be carried out, and whether the contractor management is in place

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