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Safety protection facilities at the construction site

according to the environmental and health standards for construction sites, Weihai engineering construction site management standards and relevant national standards and specifications, the unified requirements for the implementation standards of on-site safety protection facilities and civilized construction are as follows:

I. standardization of on-site safety protection facilities

1.1 scaffold protection practices

1. Scaffold use Φ 48 steel pipes shall be tied and completely sealed with dense mesh safety that meets the requirements of national standards. The dense mesh safety shall be bound on the inner side of the scaffold with palm rope, nylon rope or more than 18

2. The first floor safety level must be set in the frame, and the inter floor safety level must be set every two floors with a height of no more than 10 meters. The operation layer is fully paved with scaffold board, and the layer safety level is set under the scaffold board. From the top to the bottom, a layer of scaffold board should be paved every 12 meters. Scaffold board, flat and vertical shall not be removed at will

3. Attached (integral lifting) scaffolds must use registered products and be installed by units with corresponding qualifications. The scaffold board at the bottom of the frame must be laid tightly, and the flat and dense mesh safety bottom shall be applied. A turnover structure that can fold the scaffold board at the bottom of the frame during lifting shall be set to maintain the gap between the scaffold board at the bottom of the frame and the surface of the building during lifting and normal use, so as to prevent materials from falling

4. A ramp shall be set on the scaffold to facilitate the construction personnel to work up and down

5. Scaffold rods must be painted with yellow paint, and protective railings must be painted with red and white warning colors

1.2 the safe passage, woodworking shed, mixer, mortar machine and protective shed of distribution box at the construction site create beneficial conditions for the realization of small tonnage experimental machine. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Tool safety channel: specification 6 × two × 3M, 4 PCs Φ 100 seamless steel pipe as column; Two support systems consisting of two truss beams are fixed with steel pipe columns through flanges with bolts; The upper part is paved with single-layer 50mm thick wood board or double-layer 25mm wood board, bamboo fence and bamboo plywood as rain proof and smash proof protection; Both sides of the lower part are closed with 1200mm high protective railings welded with steel bars, or completely closed with bamboo plywood; Relevant warning signs with a height of 400mm are hung on the facade, and 400mm on both sides are used to write the business philosophy of the enterprise

2. Tool type woodworking shed: specification 6 × six × 3M, 6 PCs Φ 100 seamless steel pipe as column; Three support systems consisting of two truss beams are fixed with steel pipe columns through flanges with bolts; 50mm thick wood board is laid on the upper part to prevent rain and smashing. (if the equipment is large, the size can also be increased according to the actual situation)

3. Tool mixer, mortar machine safety shelter: specification 3 × three × 3M, 4 PCs Φ 100 seamless steel pipe as column; The two truss beam support systems are fixed with steel pipe columns by bolts through flanges; 50mm thick wood board is laid on the upper part to prevent rain and smashing

4. Protective shed of tool type distribution box: specification 2.4 × two × 2.2m。 Adopt diameter not less than Φ 22 reinforcement as skeleton; Diameter not less than Φ 14 steel bars as fences; All component reinforcements are welded by electric welding, and all fence components are firmly connected by bolts; The upper part is paved with materials that can meet the requirements of rain and smash resistance as protection

prefabricated "t" concrete piers are used as the column foundation for the above four tool type safety protection sheds, and the embedded flange iron parts are used to fix the steel pipe column. When the soil strength is poor, concrete bearing platforms should be added for reinforcement

100mm red and white warning color bands are made above all safety protection sheds according to the requirement that suppliers no longer pay attention to price. The domestic panel industry has ushered in the profit explosion season. The height of the warning color band of the safety protection sheds of wood sheds, mixers and mortar machines is 500mm, and the height of the warning color band of the safety protection sheds of tool distribution boxes is 200mm

1.3 unloading platform: there must be a design calculation sheet and a load sign board. The platform bottom plate should be fully paved with scaffold boards, firmly fixed, and the material meets the requirements. Cantilever tool type unloading platform must be used for conditional projects; The floor unloading platform must have an independent support system and be firmly supported. It is strictly prohibited to connect with the scaffold

1.4 formwork works

prepare and approve the special construction scheme of formwork works as required, and scaffolders will organize the construction according to the special construction scheme. During demolition, the police boundary area must be delimited and a special person must be assigned to supervise. The formwork at the edge of the floor shall be removed with anti falling measures. The removed materials shall be cleaned in time and shall not be stacked 1m away from the edge of the floor

1.5 "three treasures", "four mouths" and "edge" protection

1, "three treasures" related requirements

① safety helmets, safety belts, safety and other three treasures protection products must use the products registered and filed at the provincial level (for the filing situation, see the list of registered and filed products of construction safety protection appliances and mechanical equipment), and have the product certificate, production license, and recommendation certificate above the provincial level

② safety helmets must be worn correctly when entering the construction site and run through the whole process of construction, especially during the completion of the main body and decoration

③ in the absence of other protective measures, safety belts must be worn when working at heights, in the air, on ladders, etc. The safety belt should be hung vertically, and it is safer to hang it high and use it low. The safety belt shall be scrapped after five years of service

2, protection of four openings and five edges:

150cm openings are protected by reinforcement penetrating the concrete slab, and the spacing of reinforcement grids shall not be greater than 20cm; It can also be sealed with bamboo plywood or scaffold board, which cannot be moved; The opening and inner patio above 1.5m shall be hung with a safety level, and protective railings and warning signs shall be set around them (scaffold boards can be used to fully pave, firmly pave and strictly pave those below 2m)~ ① The side length is 50cm

16mm, and the spacing is not more than 15cm. Warning signs are hung. Protection method in the elevator shaft: set a safety level every two floors (no more than 10 meters) in the elevator shaft. There are no sundries in the level, and the surrounding is no more than 10cm away from the wall. When the protection height exceeds a standard layer, it is not allowed to use scaffold boards and other hard materials for horizontal protection. The protective plane is high inside and low outside, and its height difference is 2 meters, one can make the protective flat and reliable fixed without sliding, and the other can make the falling objects slide towards the hole. F18mm, vertical grid f ② the elevator door opening must be equipped with a protective door, which should adopt a tool gate, with a height of 1.2 meters, and the frame

③ the edge protective fence of the foundation pit, floor and roof should be set up with two upper and lower fences, with the upper pole being 1.2 meters from the ground and the lower pole being 0 meters from the ground 6 meters, and the spacing between upright rods shall not be greater than 2 meters, and toe boards or upright plates shall be set. Steel pipes should be used for protective railings, which are firm and reliable, and painted with red and white warning colors

④ the protective railing of stairs adopts tool type protection, and the upright pole adopts Φ 48 welding of lower end of steel pipe 100 × one hundred × 8. The iron parts are fixed on the stair side plate or shear wall with 4 expansion bolts Φ 14. Two hooks are welded to the reinforcement; The frame around the protective railing adopts Φ 18. Steel bar and intermediate reinforcing bar are adopted Φ 14. The reinforcement shall be made and hung on the pole hook, and it shall be bound firmly with iron wire when in use; An 18cm toe guard painted with red and white warning ribbons is set at the bottom for sealing

1.6 electricity for construction

① electrical products such as distribution boxes, electrical components and cables purchased and used at the construction site must be certified by the national 3C and registered with the provincial construction industrial products, and unqualified products are not allowed to be used

② the space in the power distribution room should be set according to the capacity of the power distribution cabinet, the width of the operation channel and maintenance channel should meet the specification requirements, the door should be opened outward, ventilated, and anti rat entry measures should be set. It is strictly forbidden to use high-power electrical appliances in the distribution room, and it is forbidden for irrelevant personnel to enter. The distribution room shall be equipped with sand boxes and fire extinguishers for extinguishing electrical fires

③ the layout and installation of temporary electricity at the construction site must comply with the principles of TN-S neutral protection, three-level power distribution, two-level leakage protection, separate power and lighting, and environmental safety. The power distribution of each electric equipment must implement the system of "one machine, one switch, one leakage and one box"

④ the number of repeated grounding of the protective zero line of the power supply and distribution system at the construction site shall not be less than 2n+1 (n-represents the total number of shunts), which shall be set at the head, middle and end of the distribution system respectively. The grounding device can make full use of the reinforced structure in the reinforced concrete foundation, and its grounding resistance value shall not be greater than 10 Ω. The setting position of repeated grounding can be:

(1) at the general distribution box (distribution cabinet)

(2) at each branch distribution box

(3) at the switch box of the electrical equipment at the farthest end of each branch

(4) at the switch box of large construction machinery and equipment such as tower crane, construction elevator, material elevator, concrete mixing station, etc

⑤ the power consumption in temporary facilities should also reach three-level distribution and two-level protection, and the height of lamps without safety voltage from the ground should not be less than 2.4 meters

1.7 construction machines and tools

protective covers must be set at the transmission parts of machines and tools, and reverse switches are not allowed. The machines and tools shall be jointly accepted by the equipment management department and the project Department of the construction unit before use, and can be used only after they are qualified. When the fixed construction machine is subjected to tensile test in accordance with astmd638 and iso527, a protective shed shall be erected. Various machines and tools shall be hung with safety technical operation regulations and safety warning signs at eye-catching positions, with specifications of 40 × 50CM。

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