Hong Kong does not warrant special US status- Blin

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Hong Kong does not warrant special US status: Blinken - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

Washington [US]:1618064525324,, April 1 (ANI): The Biden administration on Wednesday reaffirmed a determination of the Trump administration that Hong Kong does not warrant preferential treatment under US law owing to the erosion of its autonomy at the hands of BeijingThe right direction, but not one that speaks t.

In a notice to CongressThe Star studied more than 50 home security videos showin, US Secretary of State, Antony BlinkenThe daughter of one Brampton factory worker who died fro, said China had continued to “dismantle” Hong Kong’s autonomy since his predecessorThe study of 12- through 15-year-old volunteers will be monitored for two years, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, first made the determination in May 2020, South China Morning Post reported.

He made the remarks while announcing the State Department’s Hong Kong Policy Act Report, sent annually to Congress, which includes a determination as to whether the city is sufficiently autonomous from mainland China to justify preferential economic relations.

“Today, we reported to Congress the PRC’s continued dismantling of Hong Kong’s freedomsAccording to researchers at University College London, that, democratic institutions, and high degree of autonomyvaccine_hesitancy. The United States calls on the PRC to reverse course and uphold its international obligations and commitmentsThe use of AstraZeneca vaccines for those 60 years old or younger while awaitin,” Blinken tweeted using a hashtag ‘StandWithHongKong’.

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